Allersharp Diagnostics Ltd. is owned and operated by a group of dedicated individuals with many years of experience in the niche market of allergy testing and treatment. We are committed to providing unparalleled service to help doctors and hospitals efficiently provide allergy testing, with the highest degrees of standardization and reproducibility possible today.

We are a small company and as such can provide individualized attention, service and dependability. We rely on and respect our clients and know that they can rely and trust in us. We understand the issues.

The original design of the Allersharp™ Skin Test Needle was invented many years ago by renowned Allergist, Dr. Harry Morrow-Brown. Dr. Morrow-Brown is probably best known for his ground-breaking research resulting in the “rescue” of Becotide; the first inhaled steroid for asthma. Key to his invention of Allersharp™ was the design of a “flange” at the base of the needle point that ensures the penetration consistently reaches the optimal depth of 1.6mm, and not beyond. His research determined this to be the proper depth for optimal consistency, ease of use, standardization of testing and producing reproducible results. Beware imitators with varying needle depths. Numerous clinical trials have proven the reliability and preference for use time and time again.
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Dr. Morrow-Brown

Dr. Morrow-Brown was awarded the Charles Blackley Lectureship by the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology, in 1999 the William Frankland Medal for services to Clinical Allergy, and in 2004 received an Honorary Doctorate from Derby University. Dr. Morrow-Brown continued to practice and conduct research into his nineties, and sadly passed away in 2013 at the age of 96, but his legacy lives on in his research and inventions such as Allersharp™.

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